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‘Obiter’ is a latin phrase that translates to “by the way”.

It refers to an idea, comment, thought or illustration that forms the basis for a decision and action.

At Obiter, we believe that it is the ideas and results that are attained “by the way” which drives change and leads to innovation within organizations, and that enables individuals and organizations to achieve more than they can imagine.

Who are obiter?

Obiter  consulting are a boutique consulting firm, based in New York, working closely with a number clients in the north east corridor. 

Obiter’s leadership team are deeply committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions and approaches to work that add significant value and create environments where individuals and team thrive. We specialize in introducing next-generation practices into highly regulated, traditional and risk-sensitive organizations and teams.

Our approach is to not only help design and implement new ways of working, but also to train your team and leadership team in techniques that enable you to sustain and identify new innovations, so your organization continues to improve, learn and grow long after your formal engagement with us ends. 

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